About Us

Glodwick is a large, happy, friendly, multi-cultural Infant and Nursery School. It was opened in 1975 as an open plan school following a unique American design. We have 362 children on roll, aged from three years to seven years including a Nursery, which caters for children of three years to four years. The Nursery offers  90 part-time places: 45 morning and 45 afternoon places.

Our Organisation

Our classes are based on age and children are grouped into classes within the year group.


Nursery             45  children am / pm registered in two classes


Reception          three classes of children aged 4 plus.


Year One           three classes of children aged 5 plus.


Year Two           three classes of children aged 6 plus


Class sizes range from 28 to 30 children. All classes legally have a maximum size of 30 children except where the LA has imposed upon the school to go over number. We provide an excellent adult (teacher/nursery nurse/bilingual support): pupil ratio nevertheless.

We recognise that children need to be taught at their own individual level in order to achieve their full potential.

The allocated Teaching/Learning Time is 23 hours per week.