About Us

Glodwick is a large, happy, friendly, multi-cultural Infant and Nursery School. It was opened in 1975 as an open plan school following a unique American design. We have 362 children on roll, aged from three years to seven years including a Nursery, which caters for children of three years to four years. The Nursery offers  90 part-time places: 45 morning and 45 afternoon places.

Our Organisation

Our classes are based on age and children are grouped into classes within the year group.


Nursery             Morning and afternoon classes.


Reception          three classes of children aged 4 plus.


Year One           three classes of children aged 5 plus.


Year Two           three classes of children aged 6 plus.


Class sizes range from 28 to 30 children. All classes legally have a maximum size of 30 children except where the LA has imposed upon the school to go over number. We provide an excellent adult (teacher/nursery nurse/bilingual support): pupil ratio nevertheless.

We recognise that children need to be taught at their own individual level in order to achieve their full potential.

The allocated Teaching/Learning Time is 23 hours per week.