Head's Welcome Autumn Term 2021


Welcome to our Website. We hope that you find it interesting and useful. We are a large nursery and infant school with 360 learners aged between 3 and 7 years.  Meeting every child’s individual needs and educating our learners, preparing them for life in twenty-first century Britain is a priority. We recognise that all subjects and areas of learning are important and help to develop confidence, expertise and a desire to learn more.

We have very high expectations of children and staff. Our shared ethos is to ‘Be the best you can be’.  Our aim is to work together with our families as they embark on and continue their lifelong learning journey.

We are pleased to welcome our new learners into Nursery as well as a number of new learners in Reception. All learners are treated as individuals and we make sure that they receive the educational input they need to maximise their progress in all areas of the Glodwick curriculum. Most learners settle quickly and enjoy school life Have a look at the Class Pages to see what the children are learning about this half term. Teachers are happy to discuss our bespoke curriculum with you in more detail.

We make every part of the day as enjoyable as we can. Lunchtimes are important and a lovely time for the children to socialise whilst they eat and play. We follow a Lunchtime Policy to support this and children are rewarded with Golden Doubloons. These are accumulated over a term and can be exchanged in our virtual Glodwick Shop for a resource for the classroom. Our Chef and Kitchen Team work in our school kitchen to produce daily healthy meals that encourage our children to try different foods and have a delicious lunch. Every child in the infant department is entitled to a healthy free school meal every day. If you are entitled due to Welfare Benefits to Pupil Premium/Free School Meals, you will receive supermarket vouchers in the holidays and also be exempt from paying school fund.

Our skilled support staff work with the children during lunchtimes to offer them exciting and active opportunities to play games and sports.  They provide a positive sports session for our infant children every day. This is in line with the Government Agenda to increase physical exercise for youngsters and a daily healthy meal. We have been allocated funding from the Government to help us to afford these changes. Our midday supervisors work alongside a member of the senior leadership team, in the dining room. This promotes a quality dining time for the children as they eat their lunches.  Lunchtime is an important part of the school day where opportunities for social and physical development can be enhanced.

Each year group has a purposely designed outdoor garden/area. The facilities promote development for our learners as they move through school. For example, the Nursery garden has opportunities for individual discovery and learning, whereas the Y2 area has an enclosed pitch for the children to play team and contact games like football, netball, basketball and cricket.

The 15-week Autumn Term finishes on Friday 17 December 2021.

There are many more things going on this term, so keep in touch via the website and by chatting to your child’s teacher, or you may access information using your Class Dojo Log in.

We are all looking forward to an exciting and productive term ahead.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Brierley

Head Teacher