Head's Welcome Spring 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome to our Website. We hope that you find it interesting and useful. We are a large nursery and infant school with 360 learners.  

Meeting every child’s individual needs and educating our learners for the future is a priority. We recognise that all subjects and areas of learning are important and help to develop confidence, expertise and a desire to learn more.

We have very high expectations of children and staff. Our shared ethos is to ‘Be the best you can be’. Our aim is to work together with our families as they embark on and continue their lifelong learning journey.

This term our Y1 children will be visiting Spaceport as part of their topic on Space The first- hand experience of visiting this discovery centre is invaluable and cannot be replaced by books and ICT. We acknowledge that the children will both enjoy and benefit from the experience.

Year 2, Class 8 will be enjoying weekly swimming lessons at Royton Leisure Centre.

Reception children will be meeting a variety of little creatures, courtesy of ‘Animal Intuition’ to introduce the understanding of the world aspect to their theme on Witches and Dragons.

We are planning for some of our children to take part in the Oldham Choral Speaking competition held at Oldham Coliseum Theatre in March. It is an interesting event with other schools taking part, performing on a stage and reciting poetry to an audience of children and teachers. The experience of performance is another great learning opportunity. You would be more than welcome to attend. If you are a parent, please check with your child’s teacher to discuss arrangements.

We will be having a special Easter Assembly on Friday 23 March 2018. The children will be performing songs and poems with a Spring and Easter theme. Please join us if you can.

The last day of the Spring Term is Thursday 29 March 2018.

We use the special government ‘Sports Development’ money to buy in ‘Little Sports Coaches’ They work with the children in Reception, Year One and Two to develop sports skills and give them an additional opportunity to take part in sports. The initiative continues to be very popular. We are very keen to promote healthy exercise. The children enjoy these activities too.

Universal Free School Meals have been welcomed. Every child in the Infant Department enjoys a healthy school meal freshly prepared in our school kitchen. Please help us to get the funding we need to support your child by applying for Free School Meals at the Civic Centre in Oldham. We have lost  over £50,000 of funding this year because our families are not applying for their Free School Meal entitlement. If you are eligible for benefits then please apply for Free School Meals. It means that your child will receive additional learning support.

The school councillors are working hard to plan and make our Sensory Garden.    Each class has a councillor representative chosen from their class in Y1 and Y2. For Nursery and Reception the councillors are Y2 children who visit and find out ideas and opinions of our younger children. The councillors are identifiable by their royal blue sweatshirts.

During our Parents Week this term, we will be sharing individual progress reports with parents. We do this in the Spring Term so that we can work better in partnership with our learners and their families towards achieving higher outcomes for everyone. Next steps will be shared with parents and worked on during the Summer Term.  This will help us to develop and embed skills and knowledge and make sure that our learners are achieving their very best. Our teachers work hard to ensure that they meet with a parent of every child.

We will be holding Maths Mornings this term, inviting parents to join in the learning in maths that goes on within our school. From experience we have found these events to be very popular. Parents enjoy finding out how we teach maths and also the many ways in which they can help their child at home. Look out for further details from your child’s teacher.

There are many additional events going on that we hope you will get involved in.

Keep in touch and visit our website again soon.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Brierley