Sports Premium 2018-19

The government has allocated funding to all primary schools to improve the provision of sports. At Glodwick, we are using this money to support a better lunchtime experience with a range of sports opportunities for our Reception and Key Stage One learners. We have been allocated £9,350 PE and Sports Development Fund but we earmark this funding and funding topped up by the school budget to support the following additional activities.

During the lunchtime period teaching and learning assistants work in school to provide sporting activities for the reception and key stage one children. The sports sessions are staggered to enable each child to participate in a daily thirty minute slot during their lunchtime break. The playground is split into different zones of organised activities, including opportunities for the children to experience sports, multi-skills and dance. 

Regular feedback regarding the sessions has been received. Overall this has been very positive, with members of staff reporting a more structured and active lunchtime in which fewer accidents and incidents occur. The children are also very enthusiastic and excited to share their experiences, particularly when new sports and activities are introduced.

Our PE Co-ordinator, Miss Fowle is training sports leaders. These are Y2 children who will work to encourage activities during outdoor play to ‘get our children moving’ and enjoy physical exercise. 

We also provide a term of weekly swimming sessions for our Y2 pupils at no additional charge to parents and carers. 

Our Grant 2018-19

The PE Grant for 2018/19 is £17,810 and is used as a contribution towards our lunchtime offer of a variety of sports activities for the infant children during their lunch break. These activities are led by our qualified teaching and learning assistants and the funding supports the salaries of these staff.