Sports Premium 2016-17

The government has allocated funding to all primary schools to improve the provision of sports. At Glodwick, we are using this money to support a better lunchtime experience with a range of sports opportunities for our Reception and Key Stage One learners. We have been allocated £8,890 PE and Sports Development Fund but we actually earmark £14,000 to support the following additional activities.

During the lunchtime period two members of the ‘Little Sports Coaching Team’ from Little Sports Coaching, come into school to provide sporting activities for the reception and key stage one children. The sports sessions are staggered to enable each year group to participate in a daily thirty minute slot. The playground is split into different zones of organised activities, including opportunities for the children to experience sports, multi-skills and dance. Members of the ‘Little Coaching Team’ who are assisted by school Support Staff supervise the zones.

Regular feedback regarding the sessions has been received. Overall this has been very positive, with members of staff reporting a more structured and active lunchtime in which fewer accidents and incidents occur. The children are also very enthusiastic and excited to share their experiences, particularly when new sports are introduced.

Our PE Co-ordinator, Mrs. Carter has observed the outdoor sessions on numerous occasions and plans to continue to do so at least once every half term. Concerns are reported to Mason (Little Sports Coaching Leader) and any necessary feedback is reported to the head teacher and senior leadership team. The company respond quickly and positively to feedback and developments have been made since September to enhance the quality of the provision.

An assembly was held on Wednesday 18th September to introduce the coaches and also explain the changes that have taken place to lunchtimes at Glodwick. During this time the children were asked to decide on their favourite sports. This information was later collected by the school councillors and given to the coaches who are currently trying to incorporate these sports into the sessions.

Evidence to date shows that this has been a positive addition to PE and Sports Development at Glodwick. We are extremely pleased with the response from all stakeholders. It would have been challenging to  afford this without the Sports Development Grant.

Our Grant 2016-17

The PE Grant for 2016/17 is £8,900 and is used as a contribution towards the 'Little Sports Coaches' who offer a variety of sports activities for the infant children during their lunch break. The activities include dance, football and hockey. 

Little Sports Coaches After School Club

The ‘Little Sports Coaches’ have run a key stage one multi-skills club on Monday’s 3:00-4:00. This term they are delivering a football club.  The club costs £3 per session with a discount if parents pay for a half termly block booking. The first session took place on Monday 4th November with a mixture of year one and two children attending. It was lovely to see that the two coaches running the club were the same coaches that run the lunchtime sessions. This really helped the children to settle quickly and feel comfortable with the new activities.