Our Staff 2021-22

HEAD TEACHER:                   Mrs. J. E A Brierley


                                                Miss D. Preece ( AH Teacher, DSL, SENCO, Attendance)

                                                 Mrs J. Lomax (SENCO)


OFFICE STAFF:                      Mrs. S. Barlow (Office Administrator and HT PA)

                                                Miss E. Bell (Office Support Administrator)

ENVIRONMENT:                     Mr. R.  Hilton (Environmental Officer and Site Manager)



Mrs. D. Lomax (AH Teacher, DSL, Attendance, SENCO)

                                                Nursery Class 2: Miss McGarry ( Teacher,TLR Nursery)

                                                Nursery Class 1: Miss C. Fowle ( Teacher, TLR Nursery)

                                                Miss H. Hussain (Teaching Assistant, First Aid)

                                                Mrs. N. Rehman (Teaching Assistant)


Reception Class 2: Miss S. Peachey (Deputy Head Teacher, EYs Lead, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

                                                Reception Class 1: Mrs. L.  Bamford (Teacher, First Aid)

                                                Reception Class 3:Miss H. Francis (Teacher)

                                                Mrs. S. Mustafa (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Mrs. V.  Watkins (Teaching Assistant, First Aid)

                                                Mrs. M. Cook (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Miss. N.  Akhtar (Teaching Assistant, First Aid)

                                                Mrs. C. Smith (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Miss J. Noble (Teaching Assistant, First Aid)

                                                Mrs. S. Khokar (SEN Teaching Assistant)

                                                 Mrs. N. Bibi (Teaching Assistant, First Aid)

Year One

Year 1 Class 4: Miss  S. Bulley (Teacher)

                                                Year 1 Class 5: Miss K.  McQuillan (Teacher)

                                                Year 1 Class 6:Miss O.  Downhill (Teacher) and

                                                Mrs. J. Lomax (AH Teacher, DSL, Attendance, SENCO)

                                                Mrs. L. Reyburn  (Teaching Assistant, First Aid)

                                                Mrs. S.  Kayani (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Miss F.  Menza (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Mrs. S. Iqbal (Teaching Assistant)       

Mrs. S. Begum(SEN Teaching Assistant)

Mrs. F.  Kousar (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Mrs. A. Rafiq (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Year Two

Year 2 Class 8:Mrs. M. Russell (Deputy Head  Teacher, KS1 Lead, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

                                                Year 2 Class 7: Miss A. Everall (Teacher)

                                                Year 2 Class 9: Miss F.  Cobban (Teacher)

                                                Year 2 Class 10: Mrs. K. Carter (SLT, Teacher)

                                                Miss A. McGee (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Mrs. A. Rashid (Teaching Assistant, First Aid)

                                                Miss R Bashir (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Mrs. S.  Shamim (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Mrs. N. Fraz (Teaching Assistant)

                                                Mrs. A. Smith (SEN Teaching Assistant)

                                                Mr. D. Oakes (IT Supervisor)