Our Staff 2018-19

Mrs. J. E. A. Brierley - Head Teacher, Designated teacher for Child protection/Safeguarding/Prevent/SSE/Health and Safety



Miss D. Preece - Assistant Head Teacher, Nursery Manager, EYFS Curriculum and Assessment Manager, Special Educational Needs and Disability, Inclusion/Nurture, Mental Health and Well Being, REAL, Easy Peasy, Healthy Schools, Essential Life Skills, PSHE and SMSCD (F/T)

Mrs. L. Bamford - Nursery Teacher (NQT) and Schools Council/Eco Schools

Miss N. Akhtar - TA L3 (F/T) (Bilingual)

Mrs S. Kayani - Senior Teaching Assistant (Bilingual)



Miss S. Dennerley - Assistant Head Teacher, Reception Manager (F/T) Maternity Leave from September 2018

Mrs. J. Lomax - Assistant Head Teacher, Reception Manager, Class 2 teacher, EYFS Curriculum and Assessment Manager, Art and Design Technology Manager(F/T)


Miss H. Francis - Class 1 teacher (F/T) Religious Education Manager

Miss E. McGarry - Class 3 Teacher (F/T) Computing, E-safety Manager, IiP Working Party Reception Support Teacher (07) Science, Investors in Pupils Working Party and Eco Schools and Schools Council Teacher

Mrs. M. Cook - STA (F/T) First Aid Trained

Mrs. S. Kayani - STA (0.6) Forest School Qualified (Bilingual)

Mrs. S. Iqbal - STA (F/T) (Bilingual)

Mrs. S. Mustafa - STA (F/T) (Bilingual)

Mrs. N. Rehman - TA L3 (F/T) (Bilingual)


Miss S. Peachey - Deputy Head Teacher, Year 1 Manager, Class 5 teacher (F/T) Mathematics Manager, SSE, KS1Curriculum and Assessment, Transition R to Y1 and Racial Harmony, Deputy Safeguarding and CP Designated Teacher

Miss A. Everall - Class 4 Teacher (F/T), Investors in Pupils Manager, and British Values Manager, IiP Working Party. First Aid Trained

Miss K. Theophanous - Class 6 teacher (F/T), History and Geography Manager, Schools Council and Eco Schools

Mrs. D. Johnson - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (F/T)

Mrs. C. Smith - STA (F/T)


Mrs V. Watkins - STA (F/T) First Aid Trained

Mrs. N. Bibi - TA L3 (0.5) (Bilingual)


Mrs S. Shamin - TA L3 (F/T) (Bilingual)

Mrs S. Kokar - SEN TA (25 hours) (Bilingual)

Miss A. Smith - SEN TA (20 hours across Y1 and Y2)


Mrs. M. Russell - Deputy Head Teacher, Year 2 Manager, Class 8 Teacher English and Phonics Manager, SSE, Transition Y2/Y3 and KS1 Curriculum and Assessment, Deputy Safeguarding and CP Designated Teacher

Miss C. Fowle - Class 9 teacher (F/T), Physical Education/Sports Development Manager and Education Visits Coordinator. Investors in Pupils Working Party

Miss K. McQuillan - Class 10 teacher (F/T) Music and Performing Arts, Eco Schools and Schools Council Teacher

Miss S. Bulley - Class 7 Teacher (F/T) (UT) Schools Council Teacher


Mrs. K. Carter - Y2 Support Teacher (0.2)


Mrs. A. Rashid - STA (F/T) (Bilingual) First Aid Trained


Mrs. J. Stott - STA (0.6)

Mr. D. Oakes - TA L3 (F/T)

Miss R. Bashir - TA L3 (F/T) (Bilingual)


Miss F. Menza - TA L3 (0.4) (Bilingual)

Miss A. Smith - SEN TA (20 hours across Y1 and Y2)


Across School Teaching and Learning Support:

Mr. R. Taylor - ICT Technical Support Assistant. (0.2) GBM