Curriculum Intent

At Glodwick, meeting every child’s individual needs and educating our children for the world is a priority. We recognise that all subjects enhance a child’s education. Some subjects like reading, speaking, listening, writing, mathematics, information technology and science are given extra priority. We incorporate the teaching of Key Skills and the outcomes of Every Child Matters within the whole curriculum delivery. Although the Every Child Matters agenda has changed for the government, we continue to value the approach as an integral part of early years learning and teaching. 


All of our children engage in Phonics and Number Fact sessions, four times a week. These are organised in ability groups in Reception, Year One and Year Two. The key skills developed within these sessions enable our children to manage the demands in other areas of the curriculum. We see the teaching of these skills and the knowledge gained to be essential.  The phonics Scheme we use is Little Wandle letters and sounds revised. 

We aim to give our children a good grounding in a range of subjects, to help each child to develop their maximum potential whilst working within the Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum within the ethos of social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

We recognise that first hand experience is essential in aiding meaningful learning especially for children who have a first language other than English.The National Curriculum is divided into subject areas as follows:



The Nursery / Reception classes experience learning within the Foundation Stage under the following headings:

Prime Areas:

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Specific Areas:



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


The Core subjects:




The Foundation subjects:




                                    Art and Design

                                    Design and Technology


                                    Physical Education

                                    Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development


We continuously review and update our policies and practice in our schemes of work for the above areas of learning. The Head Teacher keeps copies of School and LA policy documents. According to the Education Act 1996 schools must provide religious education for all pupils, although parents may withdraw their children. At Glodwick, we follow the Agreed Syllabus for Oldham and this reflects that the religious traditions of Great Britain are in the main Christian, while taking into account the teachings and practices of the other principal religions. We respect that the overall majority of our children are from Muslim homes and demonstrate this by celebrating the major Muslim festivals and following the teachings of the Holy Quoran.