Key Stage 1 National Curriculum - Years 1 and 2

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Key Stage 1 English Curriculum


KS1 Year 1 English 

KS1 Year 2 English

Key Stage 1 Maths Curriculum


KS1 Year 1 Maths 

KS1 Year 2 Maths

Key Stage 1 Science Curriculum


KS1 Year 1 Science 

KS1 Year 2 Science

Key Stage 1 Art and Design Curriculum


KS1 Art and Design

Key Stage 1 Computing Curriculum


KS1 Computing

Key Stage 1 Design and Technology Curriculum


KS1 Design and Technology

Key Stage 1 Geography Curriculum


KS1 Geography

Key Stage 1 History Curriculum


KS1 History Curriculum

Key Stage 1 Music Curriculum


KS1 Music

Key Stage 1 Physical Education Curriculum


KS1 PE Curriculum