Nursery Admissions 2023-24

Nursery admissions are managed by Glodwick Infant and Nursery School Office.

The Local Authority determines the policy of Admission. 

Parents considering the admission of their children to Glodwick Infant and Nursery School can make arrangements to visit by contacting the Head Teacher, Mrs. J.E.A. Brierley, by telephone or by coming into the school and making an appointment to see her. Names of children requesting places at Nursery can be dealt with by       Mrs. S. Barlow or Mrs. R. Brogan.

Please Note: All applications for Reception Places must be made through the Local Authority Admissions department at the Civic Centre in Oldham, via Oldham Council website. 

Children may be admitted for the first time to our Nursery during the school year that they become three years old. Parents should state a preference for morning or afternoon sessions. Nursery children must re-apply for a school place. A place in our Nursery does not guarantee a Reception class place.  The Nursery is housed in a separate building, but it is part of the main school in terms of the Governing Body, organisation and management, planning and budget control. The children in the Nursery are taught by full-time teachers and highly qualified teaching assistants, including highly qualified bilingual teaching Assistants.  A range of activities are provided in order that the children develop emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, EYFS.

This curriculum is delivered indoors and out.  Great emphasis is placed on developing close links between the Nursery and the main school. There are close links with the Reception Area. As part of transition the children visit the Infant building throughout their Nursery year.

In addition, we also place great emphasis on developing close links between home and nursery school. Parents are welcome to spend time alongside their child in the Nursery during the daily welcome session and stay and play sessions. The Nursery Teachers Mrs. Carter and Miss Francis will let you know more about this. Miss Peachey is the DHT and Lead for the Early Years. She spends time in the Nursery each week, teaching and leading Celebration Assemblies.

The children who are offered a place will all have the opportunity to visit the Nursery during the months of June and July. There is an ‘Open Event’ in the Summer Term, before the children start their Nursery Education, in order to establish a Parent/School Partnership.

We hold an information meeting for the parents of children due to start in Reception during their final term in the Nursery. There is always a translator at our parents’ meetings to enable everyone to participate fully.

We admit children who are three before  1 September in September.

We admit children who are three before 1 January 2023 in January.

We admit children who are three before 1 April 2023 in April.

This means that some children benefit from 5 terms of outstanding early years education at Glodwick before they begin their Reception Year.  This makes a positive difference to them.

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