Glodwick Rules


At Glodwick we have promised to keep the Glodwick Rules.  We all want to be good citizens. 

One - Always be kind and tell the truth.

Two - Always be polite and listen carefully to your teacher.

Three - Always be gentle.  Do not push and shove.

Four - Always be a friend.

Five - Always follow instructions.

Six - Always think hard.  Do not give up.

Seven - Always be careful in school.  Do not run.

Eight - Always come to school on time.


British Values

Promoting British Values at Glodwick.  Please see our values below.


  • We encourage our learners to become involved in making decisions when they start in our Nursery. They learn about choices and how to become independent.
  • Our Year 1 and Year 2 make up our School Council. The councillors are elected by the children in the classes they represent. Year 2 councillors represent Nursery and Reception classes.  Through this election system the learners are introduced to the voting.
  • We encourage our learners to talk about themselves, their families and their learning. We engage in formal learner consultation annually and take on board the comments and suggestions made.
  • Through our Behaviour Policy we model how perceived injustice can be peacefully and democratically challenged.

Rule of Law

  • We ensure that our rules in school are clear and fair.
  • We have consistently high expectations for all.
  • We teach the difference between right and wrong.
  • We benefit from visits from the Community Police Officers to help us to understand their role in our school community, our town, Oldham and our country, Britain.
  • We resolve conflicts in a solution focussed way.

Individual Liberty

  • We support all learners to develop their self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence as part of our continuous curriculum.
  • We encourage all learners to take responsibility for their behaviour and make sure that they understand that when things go wrong it is the chosen behaviour and not the person.
  • We challenge stereotypes through the curriculum, planned activities and resourcing.
  • We implement an anti-bullying culture, ensuring that our learners understand the true definition of bullying and how to respond if a situation arises.

Respect and Tolerance

  • We teach our learners that everyone is different and that everyone matters.
  • We teach about culture, religion, ethnicity and disability.
  • We help our learners to build up an understanding of, and respect for, their own and other cultures and ways of life.
  • We challenge prejudice.
  • We challenge discriminatory behaviour.
  • We promote a whole school ethos of respect for individual differences.
  • We have close links with local churches and mosques.
  • We have close links with all of our stakeholders and our school community.
  • We promote respect for diversity and equality.