School Council 2022-23

At Glodwick we encourage the children to be thinking citizens and we have twelve councillors who make up the School Council.

The councillors are elected by members of their class, so that each class has a representative on the School Council.

Meetings are held regularly and matters concerning the development and improvement of Glodwick Infant and Nursery School are discussed.

Councillors also attend Governing Body Committee Meetings termly.

What do School Council do?

The school councillors are elected by the children in their class:

-  They go to school council meetings and take part in discussions

-  They let the class know what has been discussed at the meetings

-  They take the views of the classmates to the school council

-  Be involved in projects that the school council runs.

A School Councillor

-  is committed and determined to make a difference.

-  always thinking about ways to improve the school.

-  talks to children and staff about the school council.

-  Learns new skills.

-  Has ideas about things the school council can do.

-  listens to other childrens' views and understands them.

-  Cares about school and wanting to improve it.

Who are the School Council?

The School Council is made up of children from Year 1 and Year 2.  Nursery and Reception classes are represented by Year 2 children. 

Four School Council Teacher 

  • Mrs C Kavanagh
  • Miss A Everall
  • Mrs L Bamford
  • Miss S Bulley

Our Councillors and the classes they represent: 

Eleven Councillors, representing: 



Class 1


Class 2


Class 3


Class 4


Class 5

Zunnurain Ejaz

Class 6


Class 7


Class 8


Class 9


Class 10