School Uniform

School Uniform 2022-23

Glodwick School Uniform is compulsory although our school sweatshirt is the only branded item of clothing.

We expect all of our children to wear the school colours each day. This supports our aim for our children to be identifiable as part of our special school community.  

The school colours are PURPLE, GREY AND WHITE.

The branded school sweatshirt can only be purchased from the school office. It has a high cotton content because many of our children suffer from eczema and this helps them to feel more comfortable.

School sweatshirts are £11 each.

We accept generic cardigans in purple and plain purple sweatshirts, but prefer everyone to wear the school sweatshirt wherever possible. We offer second hand sweatshirts, free of charge, via the Head Teacher/School Office according to need. We also support families struggling to provide uniform on a case by case basis. This is managed discreetly and at the discretion of the Head Teacher.

PE bags are sold from the school office, but all children starting our school in their Reception Year receive a free PE bag with items to support their transition into Reception such as underwear, a knife and fork, a picture book, a photograph of their new teacher etc.

PE bags cost £4 each.

Reading is promoted throughout our school as a life skill. We endeavour to instil in our children the love of books and reading. We sell Book Bags from our school office. They are £4 each and easily last for the duration of your child’s learning career at our school.

Our School Uniform

Grey Shalwar Kameez, Grey Pinafore, Grey Trousers, Grey Shorts or a Grey Skirt

A white polo shirt

White or grey socks

Black shoes


All of the above items may be purchased as generic items from supermarkets, High Street store retailers and second hand/thrift shops.

P.E. Kit

Black shorts or black leggings and a close-fitting white t-shirt. Black slip-on pumps.

These items may be purchased as generic items from supermarkets, High Street store retailers and second hand/thrift shops.

For safety reasons, jewellery is not permitted to be worn during PE lessons.


Boys: Trunks or swim shorts with a lining and no longer than mid-thigh length.

Girls: A one-piece swimming costume or close-fitting leotard or footless tights where usual swimwear is not permitted due to religious/cultural reasons.

Please note that long or loose clothing is not allowed because it may cause drag resistance and in some cases is unsafe.

Swimming hats are provided free of charge.

We hope that this information is clear. But, if you have any questions about our School Uniform please call into school or telephone/email and we will be happy to help.

PE and Swimming Kits

Jewellery Policy

For safety reasons, jewellery MUST not be worn to school small stud earrings are acceptable but MUST be removed for PE lessons. Please ensure that your child does not wear any bangles and necklaces that may cause a hazard for them whilst at school. If your child arrives in school wearing jewellery you will be contacted and asked to come into school to remove it.

Please do not allow your child to bring any valuables to school. Articles of any value should be left at home. Any money must be in an envelope and labelled with your child’s name and placed in a class collection box before the school day starts.